PolySpek Neo

The PolySpek Neo is the new multi-CCD, multi-optic desktop spectrometer from ARUN Technology, the originators of CCD based metals analysis.

Almost 30 years of CCD-OES know-how have gone into the design of the new PolySpek Neo. Up to four separate optical systems can be incorporated to cover the emission spectrum required for metallurgical work, which conventionally lies between 130 and 680 nanometers. Particular combinations of the optical systems are available for specific single matrix or multi-matrix applications. The optical systems have been tailored to provide different dispersions over different wavelength ranges, with the optimal resolution in the ultraviolet region of 130 to 200 nanometers. Less resolution is required in the infrared region between 470 and 680 nanometers where only a few key emission lines need to be resolved.

Neither optical fibres, nor vacuum pumps are used in the PolySpek Neo and only the ultraviolet optical section (if required) is Argon (optionally Nitrogen) purged.

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PolySpek Neo

The PolySpek Neo is a high-performance desktop spectrometer. With an increased wavelength coverage and improved resolution the PolySpek Neo is positioned above the entry end PolySpek Junior for more demanding applications.

The overall optical design has been enhanced, and improvements in CCD technology utilised to further improve the performance of the PolySpek Neo, while retaining the major benefit of earlier units, with the ability to analyse elements across the complete range of commercial metals and alloys. Additional bases, matrix calibrations and elements can be analysed without the additional hardware costs normally associated with classical photomultiplier spectrometers. Calibration is still required for each new material using certified reference materials.


PolySpek Neo is available in different versions

Don’t worry: our product specialists will guide you to find the exact model to match your analytical needs. ARUN Technology provides analytical solutions that help improve your processes!

PolySpek Neo 160-460 PolySpek Neo desktop metals analyser 160-460nm  for ferrous and non-ferrous applications.
PolySpek Neo 160-680 PolySpek Neo desktop metals analyser 160-680nm  for ferrous and non-ferrous applications.
PolySpek Neo 130-460 PolySpek Neo desktop metals analyser 130-460nm  for ferrous and non-ferrous applications.
PolySpek Neo 130-680 PolySpek Neo desktop metals analyser 130-680nm  for ferrous and non-ferrous applications.
PolySpek Neo 205-460 PolySpek Neo desktop metals analyser 205-460nm  for non-ferrous applications.
PolySpek Neo 205-680 PolySpek Neo desktop metals analyser 205-680nm  for non-ferrous applications.
Value Propositions

Here are some of PolySpek Neo’s main features:

  • Compact size bench top instrument
  • No vacuum pump
  • Temperature controlled
  • Uses a standard external PC, screen and keyboard via USB connection
  • Open spark stand for small or large samples
  • No complex installation
  • Rapid multi-element analysis
  • New high energy multiple frequency source unit for multi-matrix applications
  • Multiple optical systems
  • Holographic diffraction grating in each optical system
  • Multi-element CCD array detector in each optical system
  • Complete spectrum resolved by more than 400,000 pixels
  • Weight 52 kg (115 lbs)

The following material is currently available for download:

If you require further information, particularly application and calibration data then please enter your details below.


The PolySpek Neo is capable of analysing almost any element in any metal.
For many metals and their alloys ARUN can offer standard calibrations. Please refer to the list below.

We also offer a “Made to Measure” programme which provides you with custom-made applications. Of course, due to the nature of the technology, we rely on the availability of standards. If you don’t find your application in the list below, please contact us and we will check your requirements.

Currently available calibrations for PolySpek Neo:

Aluminium & its Alloys

  • Al-800: Global Aluminium
  • Al-802: Low alloy Aluminium
  • Al-811: 1000 series
  • Al-812: Aluminium Copper alloys
  • Al-813: Aluminium Silicon copper alloys
  • Al-815: Aluminium Magnesium alloys
  • Al-816: Aluminium Magnesium Silicon alloys
  • Al-817: Aluminium Zinc Alloys

Iron & Steels

  • Fe-803: Low alloy & mild Steel
  • Fe-811: Chrome Steels
  • Fe-812: Chrome Nickel Steels
  • Fe-813: Chrome Manganese Nickel Steels
  • Fe-814: Tool steels
  • Fe-815: Manganese Steels
  • Fe-851: Cast Iron & NiHard
  • Fe-851P: Pig Iron
  • Fe-852: Chrome Cast Iron
  • Fe-853: Austenitic Nickel Resist & Nodular Ni Resist
  • Fe-854: Nickel Chrome Irons
  • Fe-855: High Alloy Irons

Copper & its alloys

  • Cu-800: Global Copper
  • Cu-802: Low alloy Copper
  • Cu-811: Brasses
  • Cu-812: Bronzes
  • Cu-815: Cupro Nickel

Magnesium & its alloys

  • Mg-802: Pure Magnesium
  • Mg-811: Magnesium AZ/AM/AS series, Mg-Al-Zn
  • Mg-814: Magnesium Rare Earths

Nickel & its alloys

  • Ni-811: Inconel
  • Ni-812: Hasteloy
  • Ni-813: Incoloy
  • Ni-814: Nimonic
  • Ni-815: Monel

Zinc & its alloys

  • Zn-800: Zinc-Aluminium-Copper alloys
  • Zn-802: Pure Zinc
  • Zn-811: Zinc-Aluminium alloys

Tin & its alloys

  • Sn-800: Global Tin
  • Sn-802: Pure Tin

Lead & its alloys

  • Pb-800: Global Lead
  • Pb-802: Pure Lead
  • Pb-803: Lead-Antimony
  • Pb-804: Lead Calcium alloys

Titanium & its alloys

  • Ti-800: Global Titanium

Cobalt & its alloys

  • Co-803: Global Cobalt
Technical Data

Weight & dimensions

  • Packing Weight – without setting up samples: 55 kg (120 lbs)
  • Instrument size 720 x 559 x 305 mm
    (approximately 29 x 22 x 12 inches)

Electrical requirements

  • Line input 110 or 230 Volts AC 50-60 Hz
  • Automatic voltage stabilisation

Environmental requirements

  • Operating temperature 15 to 35°C (59 to 95°F)
  • Storage temperature -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F)

Other requirements

  • Argon: 99.999% purity – Argon gas purifier can be used
  • Optional Nitrogen purge system for UV optic
  • Sample taking equipment relevant to metal type/s
  • Sample preparation equipment relevant to metal type/s

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